Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scrap Challenge: 'These are a few of my favorite things!!!'

I am participating in an online challenge blog. Thanks to my friends Lisa and Toni.. I loved the idea Toni came up with making an album about herself.. So, I think I will too.. Here is the front of my scrapbook album.. I love it!! It turned out better than I could have hoped for. I will be adding the pages I do from the blog every two weeks. I can't wait for the next challenge..

First Challenge: What is your favorite color???

I love the color Tiffany Blue... also green-blue, blue-green.. I can't wait to see what our next challenge will be:

I also wanted to share some pictures of a couple paintings I have been working on. I just start painting a couple of months ago.. I thought I would start with dogs? For some reason they seemed the easiest to me?? (Weird, I know!)

The first painting is of my dog Homer.. He has a face only a mother could love! ha! He is the first one I painted. I really like the way it turned out..
I put the photo I used of Homer in the corner for everyone to see the photo vs. the painting..

This painting is of my brother in laws girlfriend dog.. Wrigley! (They are HUGE, HUGE cub fans..) So naturally the dog would be named Wrigley! ha!

And last but not least... I painted a picture of 'our' cousin's dog. She lost him a couple of years ago.. and has always wanted a painting of him.. So, she doesn't know it yet but for Christmas she will be receiving this painting. I hope she likes it..


  1. I love this, Looooove the front of your album and I love the LO!!! And wow you are a great painter!!! thanks for joining!!!

  2. LOVE this!!!! and what a great idea to turn it into an album! :)

    maybe i'll try to make something similar for the front of my album as well!

    thanks so much for playing alone with us at fav things!


  3. Amber!! I LOVE your paintings! You are very talented :)

    I also love your page and the awesome album cover you painted. TOO CUTE! I can't wait to see you and everyone else on Friday :)

  4. I love your funky album cover and your layout is so cool and blue! Love your paintings - are they acrylic? I look forward to seeing more layouts and paintings. I am a watercolor painter who also likes to scrap. thanks so much for playing along with us. p.s. I love the way your blog looks!

  5. your cover and I love your layout!Great colors and I love your design!Thanks so much for playing along with us!

    And WOW..your paintings are awesome!

  6. Amber, oh my goodness! Your album cover is amazing, your paintings are fabulous. YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!

    I think I need a pianting of my Sadie pup!

  7. Love your album cover, Amber and your entry for the challenge is just FAB!!!! Thanks for playing with us!!

  8. This is so great! Love how specific your favorite blue is. :) Thanks for playing!