Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please Bare with me....

So I am feeling a little sentimental today, so please bare with me. You see, yesterday was the last of my 'really great friends' was laid off. I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people, but over the last two years one by one I have watched as they got laid off. I will admit some hit me harder than others and not because I thought they should go but because I was so close to them. You see, I have been working at CVL for 11 years and 10 months. I grew up in front of a lot of these people. They are like my second family in a lot of ways. They watched me turn 21 and some of them were there to guide me to my first alcohol drink, or when I had my first bad break up with a boy or when I got engaged to my husband and married. And last but not least the year I lost my mom. These people have seen me on top of the world and they have seen me in a zombie state..

There is Nancy, my second mom. She is my coffee buddy, my lunch buddy, my crafty friend, my holiday decorating cube, my laugh so hard at times I almost peed myself and well a true friend who always had my back. I will never forget any of your Halloween costumes either. From the beer wench, drag queen, Brian Hensley over the year (mullet and all), the oompa loompa (the best and you will never be able to top it) to your Jew-dee costume. I miss you every day.. This last year has been hell without you.

Roy, my Native American Friend. The only guy I know who can look like he is working harder than anyone else but what is that?? Is he napping? I miss him saying, "Mornin Nancy, Morning Amber". Overall he put up with a lot of my pranks and jokes.

Sam a.k.a Nancy, what I miss most about her is her swearing! If she couldn't get Micro Station to work she would swear at it.. or throw a stapler. ha! And what a sense of humor she had. Fun-ny! Sorry, I can't really repeat anything she said.

Cheryl, she was just a down to earth person. She is genuinely a sweet hearted women.

Nilesh, I think I miss his smile the most. And any one who has worked with him knows what I mean by this. He smiles every day and I honestly can not remember one time he didn't..

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. The Brazilian, marble mouth! This guy was funny! I could joke with him about anything.
I was his mentor. All I can say is this grasshopper was a slow learner! ha! No Autocad! I believe we were up to $12 in the No Autocad Jar!

And then there is Jean. Jeanie-bo-beanie, today was her last day. She is the one I could ask any question I didn't understand and needed more info. She is the only person left that would come over and check and make sure I was still breathing in my little green cube. She has a contagious laugh and really only wants the best for everyone.

Heidi, 'What is your husbands name? Are you sure we aren't married to the same guy?' Way too weird...

And to the ones who left before they could be let go. Buddy! Buddy! Buddy! I don't think there was a time Nancy and I weren't laughing. You can quote any movie any time and it still worries me that you think 'Love Actually' was the best romantic movie every.. hummm.. I will never forget you and Nancy in your Halloween costumes (Nancy was an oompa loompa and you were lieutenant Dan from Forrest Grump). The best costumes hands down!! No one will ever top you.. I miss lunches with you and Nancy. It was the highlight of my day.. Thanks guys

Adam the coolest Mormon I ever knew. I wish you all the success as a cop.

And honestly I could go on and on. We had 350+ employees when this started and we are now down to 55-60+. I have worked with a lot of really incredible people and hope to be able to continue to share things with them and maybe one day work together again...

I apologize for the long blog, but I was missing my friends and wanted to let them know I was thinking about them.. Miss you! A


  1. amber, thank you for this lovely tribute. it was eloquent, thoughtful and honest. i miss these people too, but i am lucky to be able to still be your coffee buddy, lunch buddy, scrapbook may not be as often but it's quality. i have to thank you for super troopers (syrup), napoleon (lucky), trivial pursuit (didn't i win??) (remember buying desperate housewives??), frank's red sauce, your friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness. remember m.r. and his young girlfriend, making the christmas stockings, hiding the picture of that guy in ryan's office? i loved that roy and nilesh had the same birthday. i miss the camaraderie we had, the people not there, the giggling fits.
    (you spin a good vacation yarn). adam WAS the coolest, non-gay mormon (that's how i would say it). he cracked me up and was so kind. so many good, positive people, and i too hope one day that we can all work together again.

  2. What a sweet tribute to your friends. What a tough thing for all of you to go through. My BFF works for a law firm and has been going through the same thing for a year now. SHe actually got laid-off on Wed and then offered to stay again on Thurs. What craziness.

    I hope that things will pick up and you and all of your cohorts can work as one happy family again :) Keep your head up!

  3. Nancy was right...what a tribute to all of us. As a whole we were the CVL family and at this moment, I am missing all of the family...not just the ones who have left and have moved on, but the ones remaining and it is a sad fact that life goes on whether we want to stop the clock or change the outcome. thanks Amber for your thoughtfullness.

  4. Awe, it makes me shed a tear. By the way I think when 'Harry Met Sally' is the greatest romantic movie of all time but who is keeping track?