Monday, September 6, 2010

Lessons learned this weekend...

How was your three day weekend? Mine was good! I learned a lot this weekend. Friday night I learned that it is not always good to drink a full can of Grape AMP while scrapping. I unfortunately learned it makes me SUPER giggly and maybe slightly stupid and possible not as productive as I thought I was. Another point in case: I am driving home from crop when I notice the car next to me. I look over and see a girl staring at me. I think to myself, 'You want to race me?' (What the heck?) In case anyone was wondering this went on the whole way home and I won every challenge not to mention I was up till well after 2 in the morning. Lesson Learned: Grape Amp may be my personal kryponite. I'm just saying.

Saturday Lesson: I learned after putting eye drops into Dave's eyes that the product should be called 'B----y Sting drops' not Clear Eyes.

Sunday's Lesson: When the rocky road fudge you bought in Tombstone the day before goes missing my hubby may have eaten it. hmmm..

Monday's Lesson: I am not a Monday person and I should have every Monday off to deal with it.

Tomorrow I will be back with the latest Sketchy Thursday Sketch! Don't worry it was pre-AMP..


  1. crack me up!! And you were cracking me up when you were all hopped up on that Grape AMP. I'm glad I left before you so you didn't try to race me! That would have been a long race since we were so far from home, HA :)

  2. Hehehehehehehehe...I wanna see you on Grape AMP!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Next time we will try some margaritas and see how that affects your giggliness and scrap abilities....could be fun!