Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ohhhhh, Back to School

Back to School
Back to School
To prove to Dad that I'm not a fool
I've got my lunch packed up
My boots tied tight
I hope I don't get in a Fight
Back to School
Back to School
-Adam Sandler
Today is the first official day of school for my husband (with the kids that is). Yippee! He is a seventh grade Social Studies teacher. Every year when school starts I wake him up singing this little tune..
Ohhhhhhhh Back to School, Back to School....
Btw, don't you love the avatar I made of my husband going back to school? I found this fun website where you take a picture of someone and turn it into a Simpson avatar. Here is the website:
I want to also Congratulate my husband on receiving
'Employee of the Year'
Yesterday while attending an in school service day, he was presented with 'Employee of the Year' plaque. It is a pretty big deal because it is not just for the Junior High staff, but also the High School staff, Elementary staff, Administration, and a lot of other departments. A couple hundred people...
I am so proud of him....
He is an amazing teacher! I couldn't be prouder of him!
Congratulations Dave!


  1. LOL, you crack me up Amber.

    That's so awesome for your hubby!! Congrats to him :) I'm glad to hear that he is back in the classroom too after the long wait to find out.

  2. I love the Simpsons avatar. Hilarious!!!

    I hope this means his job is secure, for at least one more school year!