Thursday, August 27, 2009

SHHHHHHH!!!! The baby's sleeping!

It's about 8 pm on Thursday and I just got TJ down for the evening.. The poor little guy was so tired and fussy. I have to be honest though, I was super nervous to babysit TJ tonight. You see TJ and his family are currently having to crash at a hotel, because their home is currently under construction. You say, "So what, big deal.." Well it is a big deal when the only way you know how to get him to go to sleep is to rock him to sleep in a rocking chair. I have tried and tried without any success the following:

1. Take TJ for a walk in stroller.. (I swear, I don't go fast and yes, Grandma A, I know it is not a roller coaster ride...)
2. I tried rocking him from side to side while standing.. (He especially hates this..)
3. His mom Amy, before she left for the evening said, 'He likes it when I rub his back' (Well let me tell you... I think the key word here is he likes MOMMY to rub his back..)
4. Make sure baby eats all of his bottle so his little belly is nice and full. (Wrong! Have you ever seen a baby with projectile vomit?? I still nightmares on that one.)
5. Grandma A's advice, play with his hair... (Did you know babies can look at you like you are crazy??)
6. Sing a lulla-bye to him. (I think, I can't be sure, but I may not be a good singer..)
7. Give him a bath in the Johnson bath time soap. (LIARS! It doesn't help make him sleepy or stay asleep or whatever else they advertise it to do.. HA! I am onto you Johnson & Johnson!)
8. Parents magazine says, let him 'self' soothe himself to sleep. (ha-ha fun for everyone!!)
9. Try wearing him out.. Show him all the toys, play with toys, read to him and in the end I am the one worn out.. and want to cry now.
And finally the only thing that worked to get TJ to fall sleepy-bye.
10. I put him in his bounce chair thing-a-ma bob, stick the bottle in his mouth and rocked him (GENTLY) and here is the most important part.. I prayed to GOD to please let him fall asleep.
And after 45+ mins of this... he was out..

PLEASE! I beg of the following to the people upstairs, can you PLEASE take the elephants back to the zoo, and the guy to the right of me PLEASE take your dogs out for a walk.. I think they need to go pee, and last but by no means least could the couple who decided to have a fight outside our window move it to the parking lot...

Thank you..


  1. TJ is lucky to have someone to care for him like you do while his parents are out. All of them are lucky

  2. Wow...that sounds like quite the exhausing evening!! :)

  3. Thanks for the chuckles...glad it wasn't me!

  4. This brings back memories!! It was one of the woest sins in my home to wake the baby!!