Monday, December 21, 2009


The quilt is finally done. However, you will see that I added ribbon (Not my first choice). Yes, I found out that I sewed to close to the seam and let's just say that the washer had a hey-day with it.. I was practically in tears.. I question whether quilting is for me.
The ruffles turned out great!
The name turned out beautifully.
The hand-sewn butterflies did look great until I had to add ribbon. Grrrr!
And last but not least.. What I woke to this morning.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Holy cow girly! This is BEAUTIFUL. I can't see the ribbon problem at all in the picture. I think it looks fantastic!! Your endless supply of talents never ceases to amaze me. You should seriously submit this to Cosmo Cricket. They love to share all sorts of projects on their blog and always ask for submissions. I'm sure they'd really love to see one using their fabric.

    Wherever you are, it looks freaking COLD! I just got home from a snowpacked Nebraska visit and that photo gave me flashbacks :P

    Keep warm :)

  2. That is beautiful! You did such a wonderful job on it. I like the extra butterflies. Too cute!

  3. its beautiful amber! we should get together sometime to do some quilting!

  4. It turned out so nice. The ruffle is my favorite part. Where are you that it is so cold. Yuck. I don't miss NE one bit!

  5. nicely done and i hope you are enjoying the snow...
    the ribbon is fine and it doesn't bother the butterflies at all. gives them character.

  6. And it is cold there, do the snow angels and make a snow man.
    That will warm you up..also some hot chocolate...yum!
    Merry Christmas!